Abonmarche planners embrace the belief that successful plans connect people to place and culture, defining a “sense of place” that strengthens community identity and unlocks economic potential. Our planning group builds from the firm’s deep, multi-disciplinary roster of talent, led by seasoned professional planners with the flexibility to integrate the skills of talented landscape and urban design professionals based on specific project activities.

The strength of our planning approach is the combined experiences of our planning team members. Our planners possess decades of experience working from the public sector side of development and redevelopment, providing a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing our municipal clients. Additionally, our practical experience with private development and developer relationships uniquely positions us to provide keen market and regulatory insights in the development of municipal land use and zoning related planning projects.

At Abonmarche we champion initiatives that enhance community vibrancy and engage residents, businesses and community leaders to celebrate and communicate the attributes that make their place exceptional. Abonmarche planners have worked in tourism development and community place marketing and branding, and understand that residents and visitors are ultimately experience driven, responding to experiences built from the authenticity of their place.

Staff Expertise:

+ Comprehensive/Master Land Use Planning
+ Zoning Ordinance Review and Development
+ Redevelopment Planning
+ Redevelopment Project Financing and Funding
+ Neighborhood and Housing Planning
+ Transportation and Corridor Planning
+ Community Engagement Facilitation
+ Recreation and Trail Development Plans and Projects

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