Community Master Plan – Zanesville, Indiana

Zanesville, Indiana
Town of Zanesville
Project Details

Abonmarche partnered with the town of Zanesville to complete a community master plan, establishing development goals and objectives to guide future growth within and around the town. The plan engaged community residents to identify the community’s character and values and create a vision for future municipal and community services. This process involved a multifaceted community outreach and engagement process, including two community surveys and a community open house.

In response to the town’s desire for a user-friendly presentation of plan elements and findings, we developed and implemented an online presence for the process using ARC GIS Experience Builder. The project website was designed to communicate existing conditions, context analysis, issues, and opportunities, and to plan element goals and objectives as they were developed during the process. This allowed residents to have access to the plan process and engage with the consultant team outside of scheduled engagement activities. It also facilitated a spirit of openness and transparency regarding the project’s process.


• Project Branding & Logo
• Project Website & Interactive GIS Map
• Public Engagement Including a Community Photo Contest
• Place Based Planning Approach
• Transportation, Infrastructure, & Public Facilities Inventory & Assessment
• Current & Future Land Use Analysis
• Project Recommendations & Implementation Phasing
• Funding Opportunity


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