Master Plan – Galesburg, Michigan

Galesburg, Michigan
City of Galesburg
Project Details

Abonmarche partnered with the City of Galesburg to complete a Master Plan establishing development goals and objectives that will guide future growth in the City. With the goal of becoming a recognized Redevelopment Ready Community under the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s program, the plan included specific goals and action steps that the community can complete to attain that recognition. The Plan engaged stakeholders in building consensus on the community’s character and values to develop a shared vision for the future. The process included a multifaceted outreach and engagement process, with a steering committee, DDA focus group, surveys, an open house, and public presentation for the formal adoption of the Plan.

Special attention was made to create a Downtown Plan focusing on goals and actions for the existing downtown district. As the cultural, social, and business hub of the City. This plan provides specific actions that the Downtown Development Authority and its partners can use as a guide to achieve their mission to promote a vigorous business and residential district while retaining and enhancing a friendly “Main Street” atmosphere in conjunction with the other goals of the Master Plan.


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