Asset Management/GIS

Asset Management planning allows our clients to be proactive and strategic in asset maintenance and rehabilitation – improving performance while minimizing risk and expenditures over the life of an asset. Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team leverages geography to streamline workflows, using a holistic approach to geodatabase design and data capture so you can schedule the right work at the right time.

Our GIS team partners, along with our engineers, architects, and planning professionals, together create a multi-functional and dynamic asset management group. We put GIS to work solving problems, whether as simple as locating a feature or as complex as driving an asset management system. Our best team resources combine to produce high-quality static and web maps, spatial analysis, and comprehensive asset inventories. Our goal is to help you think spatially and work more efficiently.

Staff expertise includes:
+ Asset management planning
+ Capital improvement planning
+ Associated Digital Solutions Services: web/mobile field data collection, spatial data maintenance and creation, spatial analysis and modeling, utility networks, data conflation and conversion, and cartographic design.

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