Tipton County Jail

Tipton, IN
Tipton County
Project Details

The 35,788 square foot building includes all day rooms, cell fronts, classrooms, room for recreational activities and corridors. The layout incorporates 80 beds in a centralized population with an elevated superior supervision and control room allowing for a safer and more efficient way to oversee inmates. Prefabricated modular steel cells with showers and safety coating were chosen for a more efficient assembly, saving time when building the jail. Maintenance on the cells was made easier by using a continuous rear chase and double envelope system for borrowed sunlight throughout the chase.

The building was designed to match the architectural character of the surrounding community which included incorporating a sloped roof, brick features, and 3 styles and colors of panels. There are 2 separate, secure gates and entries on the property as well as public and secure parking.

An important feature of the design is the intake / booking counter being 32’ away from and in full view and line of sight of the control room, making the area very safe and secure for the employees and public. The booking counter has access to the dedicated area for the single level Mental Health Units which include special cells and furniture while maintaining a normalized environment.


  • Elevated Superior Supervision
  • Prefabricated Modular Steel Cells
  • Mental Health Unit

More Information About Tipton County Jail: 

$13.9 Million Construction Cost

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