Woodridge Place Drain #830 – Benton Township

Benton Township, Berrien County, MI
General, Municipalities
Berrien County Drain Commission
Project Details

The goal of this project was to restore proper drainage to a section of the Woodridge Place Drain #830. A single culvert crossings of Enterprise Way had failed causing the roadway embankment under the paved roadway to begin to sink. Sections of this existing culvert had pulled apart allowing the sandy roadway embankment to wash into the pipe during rain events. Over time the roadway began to sink and a section of existing guardrail to slowly disappear. The existing condition of the roadway had become so unsafe, the Berrien County Road Department placed construction barrels along the curb to force the motoring traffic away from the curb line in the event of a catastrophic failure. Being that this is a primary east-west connector street that the Benton Township Fire Department uses, the replacement of this culvert was determined as an emergency repair by all parties involved.

Abonmarche performed survey, design, bidding, and construction administration services for this project. As time was of the essence, this project was turned around in short order as to not inconvenience the area residents and Benton Township Fire Department any longer than need be. The proposed fix included replacement of the pipe under Enterprise Way by an open cut method. To further complicate things, the existing culvert removal, and new culvert placement was about 35′ below the level of the street. This lead to a massive undertaking and a lot of earth that needed to be moved to safely replace the new culvert.  This large excavation also meant temporary considerations for the existing power lines, water main, and force main that lay in the street.  Once complete, the street was backfilled, repaved, new guardrail was installed, and the site was restored.


  • Storm Water Conveyance
  • Drainage
  • Culverts
  • Deep Excavation
  • Restoration




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