Lakeview Safety Project – Portage, Michigan

Portage, MI
City of Portage
Project Details

Prior to 2017, the City of Portage identified a problem at the intersection of Lakeview Drive and Portage Road. A 5-year crash history showed a pattern of crashes for drivers exiting Lakeview Drive. 60% of crashes involved injuries. The severity of crashes and the lack of adequate sight distance resulted in a traffic control order prohibiting eastbound left turns from Lakeview Drive. After receiving a Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant, Portage hired Abonmarche to design a solution.

Abonmarche studied alternatives, including removal of the intersection and a single lane roundabout. Ultimately, the team selected a solution involving realignment and raising the grade of the Lakeview Drive Approach to provide improved sight distance for eastbound traffic. Improved roadway geometry and safety permitted the construction of new residential development immediately south of the project.

As development plans progressed, more features were added to the Portage-Lakeview Safety Project. Eventually, the design incorporated a new sidewalk to facilitate pedestrian access, a 300 foot long by 7 foot tall mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall, along with safety fencing, guardrail, sanitary sewerage, water main, and low-maintenance surfacing. The completed project incorporates a breadth of components that would typically be seen on much larger projects.


• Road Construction
• Improved Site Distance & Safety
• Geometric Design
• Segmental Retaining Wall
• Subsurface Stormwater Detention
• Water Main
• Sanitary Sewer
• Revised Traffic Control
• Traffic Maintenance Plan


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