Branch County Sheriffs Office & Jail – Coldwater, Michigan

Coldwater, MI
Branch County
Project Details

Abonmarche Byce and Securitecture provided Architecture, Interior Design, Security Consulting, Civil, Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Engineering Services for the new Branch County Sheriff’s Office & Jail in Coldwater, Michigan. The new jail facility is located west of the old Branch County Jail and Animal Control Facility buildings and allows for possible future expansion on the 21.7-acre site. An additional housing pod of at least 200 beds may be located to the north of the building and the Sheriff’s Office Area, Kitchen, Laundry and Building Support may be expanded to the west.

The new jail is a single-level operational concept, distinctly divided into four areas: Inmate Housing; Support and Intake Booking and Release; Public; and the Sheriff’s Office. The tiered cell block features one Control Room to permanently supervise the sixteen dayrooms of double-tiered cells and dormitories. The Support Areas accommodate the Intake Processing Areas, Kitchen, Mechanical, Laundry, and Medical spaces. The Administrative Areas include office spaces, records, training rooms and support areas.

The Schematic Design concept of the floor plan is meant to illustrate how the various functional components are linked into a compact and logical layout. It illustrates the high degree of visibility from the Control Room, as well as the minimum amount of staff needed for proper operation. The building is also zoned horizontally to segregate the three types of traffic: public, staff, and secure circulation.

The architectural character of the building exterior was designed with appropriateness in mind. The exterior design is primarily a combination of brick and concrete masonry and three finishes of architectural metal panels. The design of the building is compatible with the surrounding county governmental facilities and of appropriate image for a new county jail.


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