Kankakee River Stabilization – Newton County, Indiana

Newton County, IN
Coastal & Waterfront, Municipalities
Newton County Drainage Board
Project Details

Over the past years, stretches of the Kankakee River have experienced erosion and degradation. This problem has been occurring along the entire length of the river, but has become increasing prominent along the stretch between Newton and Lake Counties in Indiana. In fact, in some locations, the bank had eroded so narrowly that motorized vehicles could not pass along it.

The Newton County Drainage Board asked Abonmarche to develop a solution that could be deployed to many of the eroded areas. Initially though, a pilot project which would be a test of the solution along a 6000 lineal foot section just west of were Interstate 65 crosses the River was initiated. Abonmarche developed a two stage solution with stepped banks to provide long term stability. As part of the permitting process, Abonmarche prepared plans and specifications, updated HEC-RAS models of the Kankakee River to show no impact on the flood elevations and developed a wetland site to mitigate any disturbances that would occur from construction. Lastly, a permit to construct in a floodway and wetland disturbance permit was obtained.

Interestingly, during the course of permitting, there was a break in the bank and a large area surrounding the project area flooded. This is exactly why the project was necessary; so that future flood events would be contained within the channel of the River and surrounding properties would be protected.


  • River Bank Erosion
  • Permit to Construct in Floodway
  • HEC-RAS Modeling
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • State/Fed Permitting
  • Modeling




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