Coastal Study – St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph, MI
Coastal & Waterfront
City of St. Joseph
Project Details

In 2012, the study included review of coastal conditions impacting the City of St. Joseph’s Lake Michigan coastline. Water levels, topography, bathymetry, nearshore changes, wave runup, total water level, sediment transport, and historic events were all studied and used to inform recommendations. A written study was generated and findings were presented during public meetings.

In 2017, after a four foot change in Lake Michigan’s still water level, the study was updated with new findings that evaluated the impacts of the 2012 study, confirmed the success of the zoning district, and evaluated improvements to other portions of the City’s shoreline.

The 2012 study resulted in what is understood to be the first Great Lakes coastal zoning district of its kind in the State of Michigan. The zoning district minimizes impacts to the public trust shoreline; reduces the risks of coastal hazards to private property; and preserves the natural shoreline.


  • Coastal Setback
  • Public Consensus Building
  • Wave Runup Analysis
  • Planning
  • Proactive Coastal Solutions
  • Public Engagement
  • Grant Funding
  • State/Fed Funding

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