Douglas Road Lane Expansion – South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, IN
City of South Bend
Project Details

Abonmarche designed and prepared plans for the reconstruction of Douglas Road involving the addition of travel lanes on the east side of the SR 23 intersection. The project provided a new Portland cement concrete pavement with curbing, sidewalks, street lighting, and a new storm water management system.

The storm water management system included a series of bio- detention/retention basins which enhanced water quality, reduced pipe sizes, and decreased surface discharge to the Juday Creek. A portion of the storm sewer utilized strategically placed perforated pipe to provide additional sewer capacity and groundwater recharge. The basins were uniquely shaped and landscaped to treat and cool the storm water runoff. A cold water discharge was designed to minimize thermo-loading on the Juday Creek, a cold water trout stream.

A new traffic signal system was designed for the intersection and coordinated with the State Highway Department to accommodate the double left turn lanes coming from the east. Another signal system was designed for the Marketplace Drive intersection equipped with video vehicle detection. Bus pull-off bays


• Increased Traffic Lanes from Two to Six
• New Traffic Signal System
• New Pavement, Curb, Gutter, Sidewalks, Lighting, & Storm Sewer


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