Saint Joseph Fire Station

St. Joseph, MI
City of St. Joseph
Project Details

Abonmarche assisted with the build of a new fire station on a small corner lot with a severe slope, thus requiring careful placement and grading of drives to and from the apparatus bays without incurring excessive slope. The building included general office space, training room, gear room, an office for the Fire Marshall, and a dispatch room. It was also equipped with sleeping quarters, a full kitchen, and living and dining areas. Three drive-through apparatus bays provide room for modern fire equipment, and each bay has a portable exhaust system.

The station also has a hose tower, which in addition to providing a place for hoses to drain, economically accommodates a large inventory of existing rubber hose. Much of the HVAC equipment is located on the low roof of the building to minimize impact on the available interior space. The building houses a large emergency generator to maintain electrical power throughout the building. The station meets all State and OSHA requirements. Renovations, completed in 2015, included the replacement of the EIFS system with an updated design, as well as the replacement of the station’s roof with added insulation for increased efficiency.


  • New 11,600-SQFT Station
  • Three Drive-Through Bays
  • General Office Area
  • Training Room
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Hose Tower
  • Emergency Generator




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