Silver Beach Pizza – Restaurant Addition Design – St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph, MI
Hospitality & Recreation
Tony Bertig
Project Details

Silver Beach Pizza, a hopping restaurant located between Silver Beach and downtown St. Joseph, sought to expand its footprint. The restaurant is situated on a small site with unusual space constraints – acting as a location for the Amtrak train station with railroad tracks running along the restaurant’s western side. A bluff rises up on the restaurant’s eastern side.

These design challenges became the catalyst for a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Silver Beach Pizza. The restaurant and bar now provide patrons with stunning 360 views of the city and Lake Michigan. Abonmarche’s design team created an elevated structure concept that would allow for vehicular passage to the parking lot below.

Overhead retractable doors on opposite sides of the building allow for uninterrupted views to Lake Michigan, along with an abundance of natural light and ventilation into the dining and bar area.


  • Restaurant addition design
  • Elevated structure concept allowing vehicular passage beneath
  • Site-sensitive design elements capitalizing natural daylighting and views.
  • Comprehensive interior design services.

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