Langley Avenue Reconstruction – St. Joseph, Michigan

St. Joseph, MI
City of St. Joseph
Project Details

The purpose of this project was to replace the aging infrastructure on Langley Avenue from Niles Avenue to Pearl Street. The sanitary sewer and services needed replacement due to poor condition and to eliminate inflow and infiltration. The water main replacement was needed to increase system reliability and fire flows. Abonmarche also replaced the water services throughout the project in accordance with the State Lead and Copper requirements. Abonmarche provided stormwater treatment and improved conveyance by making extensive storm improvements. A non-motorized path was installed and on-street parking was reduced to adhere to the City’s non-motorized facility plans and per City resident comments on design alternative drawings presented during the public engagement process.

Abonmarche successfully replaced all noted utilities including elimination of inactive services and replacement of all lead service lines throughout the project. A new 10-ft non-motorized concrete path was installed along the western project length to meet non-motorized planning goals. Safety improvements were installed including new blinker crosswalk signs at Orchard, curve profiling near the project midpoint, new pavement markings and signage throughout. The roadway was narrowed to eliminate parking and help reduce roadway impervious area to manage storm water flows in the area.

This project brought transformative change to the neighborhood while maintaining the functionality of the roadway and improving safety.


  • Water, Sewer, Storm
  • Non-Motorized Facilities
  • Safety Improvements
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • MDOT Funding & Oversight
  • Lead Service Replacements
  • Public Engagement
  • State/Federal Permitting
  • State/Federal Funding



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