Mishawaka High School Traffic Improvements

Mishawaka, IN
Education, Transportation
School City of Mishawaka
Project Details

Mishawaka High School’s former traffic circulation and parking conditions created a number of hazards, inefficiencies, and vehicle back-ups due to conflicts between parent drop-offs, public busses, student drivers, and pedestrians.

Abonmarche provided the School with a new plan for the western portion of the campus that focused on enhancing student safety and improving the flow of vehicles. The new plan prioritizes the student experience by minimizing pedestrian vehicle conflicts. It also creates multiple drop-off/pick-up zones to intercept traffic from directions of
origin, reduces congestion by spreading traffic across multiple access points, provides longer vehicular stacking lanes to reduce back-ups on roads, and ensures safer, more efficient parking areas.

The design closes a portion of Wenger Avenue to create new ingress/ egress to student parking, eliminating the need for students to cross a road when walking to the school’s entry from student parking. Pedestrian safety has also been improved by separating walkways from vehicular drives, protecting access from drop-off/pick-up zones, and improved site lighting.


  • Multiple Drop-off & Pick-up Zones
  • Reduces Congestion
  • Reduces Back-ups on Roads
  • Safer & Efficient parking Areas

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