MEC Smart Park – Cassopolis, Michigan

Cassopolis, Michigan
Midwest Energy & Communications
Project Details

The purpose of this master plan was to develop planning direction for the Southwest Michigan Advanced Research & Technology (SMART) Park, integrating the physical, environmental, economic, and cultural conditions established by the target industry study, site analysis, and development considerations. The master plan describes the overall campus, proposed land uses, covenants, and restrictions with design standards, economic framework, and other site elements and solutions.

The covenants and restrictions developed act as the land use control standards for the Park. The design standards in the covenants and restrictions were developed to work in conjunction with the existing zoning ordinance for the Village of Cassopolis, but offer an additional layer of review and oversight to ensure the buildings constructed in the Park support the vision created for the SMART Park. These include permitted uses, design standards, building standards, architectural review, signage, lighting, and landscaping requirements.


• Design Standards
• Building Standards
• Developmental Standards
• Public Engagement to Determine Commercial Uses
• Green Stormwater Management
• Creation of a Commerce–Friendly Environment

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