Oscar Damon Drain #383 Improvements – Hagar Township

Hagar Township, MI
General, Municipalities
Berrien County Drain Commission
Project Details

Abonmarche restored proper drainage to a section of the Oscar Damon Drain #383. Several stretches of the existing county drain had failed, collapsed, and were causing sinkholes along the drain route. These issues had led to standing water and flooded conditions along portions of the county drain. These conditions were leading to erosion concerns along the embankment for I-196 and Momany Park Road. The section of drain under I-196 was a point of know failure and required maintenance several times a year to get the water moving. This section of drain was also undersized and needed to be replaced with a larger diameter drain.  Damon Lake’s water level, which is adjacent to I-196, is controlled by this drain, so a functional working outlet and drain was paramount.

Abonmarche performed survey, design, bidding, and construction administration services for this project. Several meetings were held with key stake holders and implemented a value engineering workshop to determine the scope of the project and preferred work plan. MDOT personnel attended this workshop and gave input into proposed project options. Abonmarche moved forward replacing and up-sizing three (3) culverts crossing I-196, Riverside Road, and Momany Park. The biggest challenge to this project was installing the new culvert under I-196 without impacting traffic. A trenchless technology called Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) was used to bore a 42″ diameter steel casing pipe across MDOT’s Right of Way, which allowed the installation of the proposed 24″diameter culvert pipe. Abonmarche also removed sections of existing drain, and opened the drainage course up to create more of a natural stream-like look. A new outlet control structure was installed on the SE corner of Damon Lake to regulate the lake level and control flow to the county drain. This outlet control structure has ability to regulate the lake level by four total feet. Rip rap and special erosion control measures were also installed to allow the site to be fully restored and give it a more natural look.


  • Storm Water Conveyance
  • Drainage
  • Culverts
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Restoration




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