Hartshorn Marina – Muskegon, Michigan

Muskegon, MI
Coastal & Waterfront
City of Muskegon
Project Details

Abonmarche initially conducted a study of this marina to identify structural problems requiring immediate correction. The study recommended changes that were implemented in two phases. We then designed and managed the construction of the physical improvements needed to restore structural stability. Repairs included construction of new walers, tie-backs, fill material, etc. and the replacement of old wooden breakwaters. A new ADA-compliant concrete sidewalk was constructed and the electrical service and slip utilities were upgraded. Overall marina improvements and building renovations were performed.

Upon completion of Phases I and II, Abonmarche performed a follow- up investigation and wrote an addendum to the Master Plan which detailed additional recommendations for marina improvements. Following acceptance of the addendum, Abonmarche was contracted to complete final design engineering, permitting and construction management for the completion of Phase III.


• Breakwaters
• Concrete Boardwalk
• ADA Accessible
• Electrical Upgrades Utilities
• Upgrades & Renovations
• New Docks
• Marina Improvements
• Grants
• Stewardship

$1.4 million Construction Cost

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