Dakin & Peters Drain #108 Improvements – Brainbridge Township

Brainbridge Township, Berrien County
General, Municipalities
Berrien County Drain Commission
Project Details

The goal of this project was to restore proper drainage to a section of the Dakin & Peters Drain #108. Multiple culvert crossings had failed causing storm water to pond, cause erosion to the roadway embankment of Napier Avenue, and flood low lying areas and surrounding land. These issues had led to standing water in areas along the route that were starting to turn viable farmland and private property into swamp-like conditions. These conditions led to private driveways that were underwater after heavy rain events causing difficult access to private residences.

Abonmarche perfomed survey, design, bidding, and construction administration services for this project. Several meetings were held with key stake holders which implemented a value engineering workshop to determine the scope of the project and preferred work plan. These workshops gave stake holders and residents within the project area the opportunity to provide input into proposed project options. The selected recommendation included replacement of the pipe network upstream of Napier Avenue, new up-sized crossings under Napier Avenue and Nichols Road, and open ditch improvements downstream to Pipestone Lake. The biggest challenge on this project was installing the new culvert under Napier Avenue as a storm water settlement pond is located at the upstream base of Napier Avenue without impacting traffic. Abonmarche used trenchless technology called directional drilling to bore a pilot hole under the road, and pull a continuous HDPE plastic pipe back on retrieval. Sections of existing drain route to Pipestone Lake by clearing, shaping, and grading the open ditch section to optimize the flow of water were also restored. The section upstream of the pond at Napier Avenue, had new plastic drain pipe installed and storm water inlets positioned in low lying areas to collect surface water. At the far upstream end our the project, a new outlet control structure was installed to regulate water level in a wetland adjacent to our project.


  • Storm Water Conveyance
  • Drainage
  • Culverts
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Restoration




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