Cutler Public Parking Lot Improvements – Allegan, Michigan

Allegan, MI
Municipalities, Transportation
City of Allegan
Project Details

The existing parking lot at the entrance to the downtown district in the City of Allegan — often serving as the first thing a visitor to the community sees — was a sea of asphalt lacking proper vehicular circulation and aesthetic appeal. Abonmarche was hired to design a parking lot that maximized the parking spaces, while eliminating excess pavement and providing an onsite stormwater management system.

Our team worked with the local utilities company to relocate the unsightly overhead electrical lines that crisscrossed the lot to underground. We also were hired by the city to design a new streetscape for the downtown, which established specific design elements including stone columns and ornamental fencing.


  • Parking Lot Layout and Design
  • Rain Garden
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Entrance Feature Aesthetics
  • Drainage/Stormwater
  • Mailbox drop box
  • Paving
  • Underground Electric

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$400,000 Construction Cost

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