Black River Fishing Platform – South Haven, Michigan

South Haven, Michigan
Coastal & Waterfront, Hospitality & Recreation
City of South Haven
Project Details

Abonmarche worked to develop a 1.5 acre expansion of Black River Park on the site of a former electrical operation. In order to do this, the banks along the Black River and a tributary creek needed to be stabilized. A leaking underground oil pit storage tank, transformer, and capacitor area caused contamination. Immediate remediation and stabilization design were needed to prevent contamination of the Black River.

The riverbank was stabilized with the installation of stonework and vegetation. As part of the project, a universally accessible fishing platform and access paths to provide more angler and fisheries support in Black River Park were created. Expansion of the park lead to over 2,200 linear feet of public access along the Black River. The project opened up free public access to the South Haven fishery and resulted in a significant expansion to the adjacent Black River Park. To help fund the project, we assisted the city of South Haven secure funding through the Land and Water Conservation Fund program.


  • Universally Accessible Fishing Platform
  • Canoe/Kayak Launch Area
  • Pedestrian Bridge over Celery Creek
  • Native Species Landscaping
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Fishing Platform
  • Full Site ADA Accessibility


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