Plymouth Avenue Trail Modification Crossing – Goshen, Indiana

Goshen, Indiana
Streetscape, Municipalities, Transportation
City of Goshen
Project Details

This project was a joint effort between the City of Goshen, Goshen Community Schools, and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to alleviate safety concerns at the existing crossing located at Plymouth Avenue (SR 119) and Indiana Avenue. The existing crossing is used by students as well as the community to access Shanklin Park and the Mill Race Canal to the east. To help alleviate safety concerns, a mid-block crossing was added to the west, closer to the exit of the school parking lot on Plymouth Avenue.

Abonmarche provided topographic survey, conceptual layouts and cost estimates, and engineering to incorporate the mid-block crossing (safety island) with rapid flasher beacons. This work also included design of new concrete curbing along both sides of the road with new storm sewer inlets and piping, and stormwater treatment prior to discharge. A new sidewalk/path was designed from Indiana Avenue along the school property to the mid-block safety island, crossed over and continued on the north side to connect to the City’s existing trail. Cross-walk improvements at Indiana Avenue were re-designed to improve pedestrian visibility and provide a larger wait area for students leaving school, and incorporated both a new push-button pedestal and push-buttons on existing signal poles. The project also included preparing several easements along the north side of Plymouth Avenue for the sidewalk/path and a new sanitary sewer to service the existing homes. Other project elements included traffic and pedestrian signage, preparing legal descriptions for additional right-of-way, coordination with INDOT and utility companies, and potholing a main line gas main to help design the placement of new storm sewer inlet locations.


  • New Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing
  • Rapid Flasher Beacons
  • INDOT Coordination and Permitting
  • New Storm Sewer and Treatment
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Easement Preparation
  • Traffic Signage for Crossing




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