Brad Mosness

Director, Vice President

Brad has 20 years of experience in project management and the design of civil/municipal engineering projects, including the design of roadways and intersections, storm water management and treatment, environmental permitting, sanitary sewer conveyance, water distribution, and site engineering associated with private, commercial, single-family residential, multi-family, and institutional developments.

As Vice President at Abonmarche, Brad manages the Goshen Office and oversees the Fort Wayne Office, and is responsible for supervision of survey and engineering staff, staff development, project management, and business development.


Brad approaches each project with a big-picture mindset and a goal of maintaining timely and effective communication with the client. He oversees the project’s budget, schedule, and assembles the team, identifying the tasks on hand for design, permitting, approvals, and assigns staff to the appropriate roles and responsibilities.

Brad has extensive experience in project management and design of civil and municipal infrastructure projects, including roadways and roadway widenings, combined sewer separation projects, sanitary sewer gravity and force main extensions, stormwater quality and treatment, stormwater permitting, drainage studies, utility infrastructure, and water distribution extensions.  He also has extensive experience managing municipal survey projects, including route surveys, detailed topographic and utility surveys, and bridge surveys, and has coordinated over 300 right-of-way parcel plats on various roadway improvement projects. His focus is on understanding client needs and staying up-to-date on local and industry standards. Brad is solution-oriented, figuring out how to complete a client’s vision for a project within site constraints, on time, and on budget.

Brad manages project development from start to finish, always striving to understand the client needs so that the final results are exactly what the client is expecting.  He understands local municipal processes and the details of design requirements, including stormwater layout, land planning, permitting, and acquiring local approvals for zoning and developmental variances. Throughout the process, Brad works to coordinate private/public relationships between clients and government agencies when needed to help resolve any issues and to develop solutions acceptable to both sides to keep projects moving forward and on schedule.

Brad’s private development and site engineering experience includes numerous single-family residential subdivisions, townhomes, and multi-family complexes throughout Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, including sites from 8 to 130 lots and multi-family complexes up to 200 units.  He has conducted site planning and development for over 150 commercial and industrial sites, including sewer and water extension, new traffic patterns, phased demolition, parking layout, drainage systems, security, landscaping, drainage design, and permitting for utility piping, storm sewer discharges, and land disturbance permitting.

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