School City of Mishawaka Facilities Assessment

Mishawaka, IN
School City of Mishawaka
Project Details

Abonmarche conducted a thorough assessment of the physical condition and functional capabilities of existing facilities The School City of Mishawaka. This Facilities Assessment provides an analysis of key buildings chosen by School City of Mishawaka Corporation and provides a chart defining the condition of each room in the building. For each facility, the exterior, interior, mechanical/ electrical/plumbing systems, are addressed. This assessment also includes consideration of the sustainability of facilities, where applicable.

To assist the school administration and school board in developing project priorities and establishing a capital improvement plan, cost projections were provided. Additionally, space allocation data was provided to inform long-term decision making opportunities, and a process, tools, and methodology for ongoing prioritization of major capital and renovation investment projects were established.

The assessments conducted by Abonmarche were comprehensive and helped to identify the current state of the school’s facilities, which is an important step in planning for future improvements. The cost projections and space allocation data can be used to guide decision making and budgeting for future projects, while the methodology for ongoing prioritization of projects can help ensure that the school’s facilities are maintained and improved in a strategic and sustainable manner.


• Facilities Assessment Analysis
• Building condition evaluation
• Sustainability assessment
• Renovation recommendations
• Cost estimates
• Capital planning initiatives
• Systems and components upgrade

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