Water Filtration Plant – Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor, MI
City of Benton Harbor
Project Details

Art Deco plant gets $13 million in upgrades & expansion

Abonmarche secured financing, designed and managed the modernization and renovations to the Benton Harbor Water Filtration Plant.  The renovated plant eliminates outdated clarifier technology by incorporating new inclined plate settlers for sediment removal.  The renovations also included changing the Gas Chlorination system to a safer liquid bleach system, new SCADA controls, energy efficient processes, and filter replacements.  Wishing to preserve the existing Art Deco components of the building, Abonmarche worked to design new components of the structure to complement existing features and produce a contemporary feel to the project.

While the magnitude of plant improvements is impressive, the financial position of the City at project conception made project funding the most challenging project attribute. The City of Benton Harbor had been taxed with operating budget losses for several years when MDEQ required the renovations.  Through an in-depth analysis of the City’s water system, finances and funding programs available, we were able to not only meet the MDEQ requirements, but to also enhance the area’s overall water quality and secure cost effective financing for one of the City’s most notable assets.


  • New liquid bleach treatment system
  • New SCADA controls
  • Filter replacements

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