Tim Drews

Director, Vice President

Tim is a licensed professional engineer with 30 years of experience with public agencies and consulting firms.  He is responsible for Abonmarche operations, quality assurance and quality control, project management, design and construction administration for municipal and private development projects.

Tim is a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) and Road Safety Professional (RSP), one of the few in the United States.  He is also an accredited professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED AP) and strives to enhance projects through sustainable design practices. His expertise includes traffic and transportation engineering design, analysis and studies, roadway safety, geometrics, and infrastructure design, non-motorized trail design, residential development planning, design and approvals, and commercial site planning, design ,and approvals.



Tim assures the project meets the objectives set by the client while staying on schedule and on budget and oversees quality control and quality assurance to achieve client satisfaction.

Tim has acted as Project Manager for numerous municipal road reconstruction projects that encompassed full renovation of water and sewer systems. These projects were funded primarily through the SRF and/or DWRF program. As Project Manager, he was responsible for coordination of loan program compliance throughout the projects.

Tim designs roadways, water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, intersection geometrics, horizontal and vertical alignments, pavement design and grading for municipal clients.  He has completed combined sewer overflow projects, intersection safety improvements, roadway resurfacing, reconstruction, and new construction projects, utility upgrades, and numerous boulevard projects using local, state, and federal funding.

Tim has completed a variety of traffic studies including traffic impact studies, safety studies, driveway analyses, and traffic signal warrant and progression analyses. He is able to provide design concepts that allow flexibility within the limits of the law.

Tim has designed over 60 traffic signals for various municipalities in Western Michigan. All of the design practices include MDOT standards and up to date technology enhancements. Abonmarche is prequalified with MDOT for traffic signal design.

Tim has completed planning, design, and construction oversight on various site development projects totaling in excess of 700 residential single family building lots and units, commercial development projects ranging from small office buildings to multi-million dollar, multi-phased projects, as well as improvements at schools.

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