John Linn

Chairman of the Board

From feasibility studies to final production and execution of designs, John is responsible for development, implementation and coordination of all design and construction services. Duties include project planning, design oversight, and client and government relations, and he is responsible for monitoring the quality of work and assuring that the client’s needs are satisfied.

John graduated from Purdue University in 1988 and went to work for Abonmarche Consultants. In 1993, he became Vice-President overseeing the South Bend office, and in 2005, John became one of the two principal owners. Today he oversees the Architectural Service Group and the Indiana operations.

John’s extensive background in the engineering design and construction field, along with his skills in facilitation, make him indispensable in projects involving inter-organizational cooperation or public/private partnerships. His special areas of interest include land planning, utility planning, transportation planning, building massing, streetscape planning, and storm-water quality initiatives.



John performs broad oversight of Abonmarche’s projects; conducting initial meetings, confirming the scope of services, and setting project objectives. His goal is always to make sure Abonmarche’s clients and team are on the same page. He monitors progress of the team and performs quality assurance, making sure the team is meeting its objectives and complying with the contract.

At the beginning of each project, John ensures that Abonmarche’s client is on board with the project’s direction at a conceptual level. He communicates the project direction to the Abonmarche team and ensures the team is meeting its goals and designing the project to the level of detail appropriate to the project phase, making sure the project stage doesn’t go beyond the client’s approval.

John helps Abonmarche’s clients strategize funding opportunities. He helps them navigate the complicated avenues of bond issues, user rates, grants, and state and federal funding sources.

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