Whirlpool Campus

Benton Harbor, MI
Whirlpool Corporation / The Pittuzzi Companies
Project Details

In an effort to gain greater efficiency from the 15 facilities Whirlpool Corporation operates in and around the Saint Joseph/Benton Harbor area, the company announced a consolidation effort in late 2010. The center-piece of this effort is the creation of a campus in downtown Benton Harbor consisting of three- three story office buildings and an amenities building. Additionally, the design will incorporate green elements, allowing the company to seek LEED Gold certification. Approximately half of the LEED points necessary for gold certification were the result of site work performed by Abonmarche. When all three phases are completed, the $70 million facility will house approximately 1,100 employees.

Abonmarche and its staff have been involved with the project since the planning stages. Abonmarche is serving as the project surveyor and civil engineer for the project, and has designed all of the site elements, including utilities, parking lots, universal accessibility, and connectivity with the surrounding community. Abonmarche has also provided leadership to the development team in areas such as site plan approval, identifying qualified local contractors to work on the project, as well as providing consultation and advice on other issues that have arisen in the pre-development and construction process.


  • Approximately half the LEED points necessary for gold certification were the result of Abonmarche’s work
  • LEED Gold certification
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Sewer Separation
  • Abonmarche has served as Project Surveyor and Civil Engineer for project since planning stage
1,100 Employees Housed
$70 million Construction Cost

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