Wallace Avenue Reconstruction – South Haven, Michigan

South Haven, MIchigan
Streetscape, Transportation
City of St. Joseph
Project Details

Wallace Avenue was reconstructed between South State Street and Lakeshore Drive. The project was partially funded with MDOT STP and EGLE DWRF funds. Project components included complete replacement of sanitary sewer between Lakeview and Lakeshore Drive (which was 16’ deep), sanitary sewer lining between S. State and Lakeview, upsizing water main to 12” ductile iron, storm sewer including in-line storage and a storm water treatment unit, pavement replacement, and addition of a 10’ off-road non-motorized path.

The project included an extensive public participation phase due to elimination of on-street parking and potential impacts to cherished sycamore trees. Since the project is located adjacent to St. Joseph High School, the construction had to be completed in a short window of time from when school got out for the summer and Labor Day.


  • Deep sanitary sewer
  • Replacement of lead water services
  • Storm water storage and treatment
  • Sanitary sewer lining
  • Non-motorized path
  • Extensive Public participation

More Information About Wallace Avenue:

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