The Lakes of Valparaiso Development | Site Engineering

Valparaiso, IN
Weiss Entities - Developer / Garmong Construction / Vale Park Animal Clinic
Project Details

The Lakes of Valparaiso Planned Unit Development is a 150-acre mixed use development, the premier apartment complex and business park in Valparaiso, Indiana. This development features 1.2 miles of 4-lane boulevard-type street, 407 apartment units, 8 large ponds, approximately 70 acres of business park and landscaping that will rival no development. Abonmarche assisted with preparing the Planned Unit Development Ordinance, prepared a comprehensive drainage analysis, performed a traffic impacted study, designed the site features of the apartment complex which included a 4-lane boulevard roadway, grading, sanitary sewer, lift station, storm sewer, water main, and lighting and planned the overall infrastructure of the business park in anticipation of potential users.

In 2017, Abonmarche assisted Garmong Construction with the design and construction of an 8-acre site for a building to anchor the industrial park and serve as a model to potential investors.

In 2018, Abonmarche provided site design services to the Vale Park Animal Clinic, and construction was completed in 2020.


  • Comprehensive Site Plan: Site Capacity Analysis, Photometric Plan, and Landscaping Plan
  • Mixed Use Planned Unit Development
  • Multi-Family Residential & Office Park
  • Water Main & Storm Sewer
  • Lift Station & Sanitary Sewer Signage & Lighting
  • Roadway/Curbs and Pedestrian Trail
  • Traffic Impact Study Grading, Drainage, Utility and Storm Water Prevention Plans
$10+ Million Construction Cost

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