Pratt Industries Paper Mill – Valparaiso, Indiana

Valparaiso, IN
Pratt Industries, Inc.
Project Details

Abonmarche provided assistance with site selection process, design services – from relocating trailer parking and various utilities to landscape architecture, surveying and planning services. We were instrumental in preparing land title surveys, legal descriptions for easements, and real estate exhibits. Abonmarche designed a new street to provide access to the paper mill along with new drainage facilities. Abonmarche also provided services for the entire site. During construction, Abonmarche provided construction layout services for the prime contractor. Additionally, Abonmarche provided contract cad technician services where an Abonmarche employee provided drafting and BIM services to the Pratt team. Lastly, Abonmarche provided architectural, structural and space planning services to design an automatic conveyor link from the Mill to the existing box factory.

Abonmarche has continued to support Pratt once the project was completed with small projects such as parking expansion and building additions.


  • Topographic and Land Surveying
  • Land Use Plan & Annexation
  • Zoning and Variance Assistance
  • Tree Survey and Landscape Architecture
  • Legal Drain routing
  • Sanitary Sewer Extension
  • Industrial Roadway Design
  • Storm Water Management
  • Construction Engineering

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$250 million Construction Cost

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