Portage Non-Motorized Trail System

Portage, MI
Hospitality & Recreation, Transportation
City of Portage
Project Details

Connectivity between commercial and residential areas

Over the past several years, Abonmarche has designed and provided construction administration for a series of non-motorized bikeway and pedestrian trails for the City of Portage in Michigan.

Among the projects are:
Milham Avenue Bikeway – a recreational path connecting commercial, industrial and school areas with easy access to other existing non-motorized trail systems.

Northwest Portage Bikeway – a two-mile recreational path traversing neighborhood areas with linkages to the commercial district, including the Crossroads Mall. The trail travels through Consumers Energy property and Crosses Oakland Drive, a major thoroughfare in the City, with the use of flashers and a raised median to protect cyclists.

Lovers Lane Bikeway Trail – a multi-use, 1-mile path connecting residential, commercial, parkland, tourist and industrial areas. The path connects to Romence Road Bikeway and Milham Avenue Bikeway, creating a vital link on the city’s east side.

Shaver Road Bikeway – over two miles of bike path was constructed along with this 5-lane boulevard roadway.

Romence Road Bikeway – extending a 5-lane boulevard roadway in Portage through Pharmacia property included creating this new non-motorized bike path.

Northwest Portage Bikeway Extensions – extensions to the new Portage bikeway featured 10′ wide non-motorized trail, signalized crossing of Constitution Blvd., easements, TEA grant assistance, and coordination with Consumers Energy.
Abonmarche worked with the City to obtain MDOT and TEA grants to assist with project costs.


  • Multiple (6) bikeways & trails throughout city
  • Worked with City to obtain MDOT & TEA grants

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