Grand Avenue Reconstruction – Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven, Michigan
Streetscape, Municipalities, Transportation
City of Grand Haven
Project Details

The City of Grand Haven turned to Abonmarche for assistance to reconstruct Grand Avenue from Harbor Drive to Sheldon Avenue.  This route serves as an alternate access to Lake Michigan beaches and the State Park.  Pavement deterioration, geometric deficiencies, pedestrian and bicycle safety, undersized water main and storm water ponding were the impetus behind the proposed improvements.  The project included numerous “land locked” parcels and subdivisions that only had access from Grand Avenue which required an extensive traffic maintenance and phasing plan to maintain their property access.  The project was completed in two phases.

Abonmarche led an extensive public participation process including numerous public meetings and a bus tour for City Council to gain support for the proposed improvements which included: pavement reconstruction, new curb and gutter, design of horizontal and vertical curves to meet AASHTO standards, retaining walls to meet adjacent grades, replacement and upsizing of water main from 6” to 12” including services, sanitary sewer replacement and lining, storm water detention through an interconnected system of perforated pipes and leaching basins, improved sidewalks and connectivity, and push button activated rapid flashing beacons for key pedestrian crossings.


  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Storm Sewer and Detention
  • Water Main
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pedestrian Crossing Upgrades
  • Traffic Maintenance-Phasing
  • Extensive Public Input Process



$1,250,000 Phase I
$1,780,000 Phase II

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