Forest Park Golf Course – Regional Detention – Valparaiso, Indiana

Valparaiso, Indiana
Hospitality & Recreation
City of Valparaiso
Project Details

Abonmarche used city owned golf course land to construct two regional detention basins to control excessive runoff and protect downstream properties.

Forest Park Golf Course is located within the large Beauty Creek watershed and its location provided a strategic location to intercept storm water runoff. Abonmarche was selected by the City of Valparaiso to design two regional detention basins on course itself to control excessive runoff and alleviate downstream erosion and flooding.

The solution was to integrate two detention basins in the fairways of holes 1 and 2 on the course. The basins were designed to detain excess storm water runoff and release it at a significantly reduced rate, but they were also designed to fit seamlessly into the area of play.

The results were exemplary. Storm water runoff has been controlled and erosion and flooding issues have subsided. The course itself healed and it is as though the detention basins were always meant to be there. The new shape provides and aesthetic that had not been on the course prior and added an element of challenge to those two holes.


  • Storm Water Management
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Creative Solution

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