NORWEJ Wastewater Treatment Plant | Site Engineering – DeMotte, Indiana

DeMotte, IN
Town of DeMotte
Project Details

Providing quality water to residents is a priority for the Town of DeMotte. To do so, keeping the Northwest Regional Water System (NORWEJ) in prime operating condition is imperative.  Abonmarche partners with DeMotte to provide engineering services to maintain optimal capacity and superior quality. Providing studies and reports, Abonmarche, keeps the Town Board abreast of issues and develops designs and plans to resolve them. Special projects also fall under Abonmarche’s realm, providing plans, specifications, permits, construction inspection, and anything else the town needs.

Due to the Town of DeMotte’s rapid growth, a new wastewater treatment plant was needed to keep up with community demand. To keep costs to a minimum, the existing plant structures were all utilized in some aspect with the new design. When the project was complete, primary process units for the 0.5 MGA (ADF)/1.5 MGD (Peak) included two oxidation ditches, two final clarifiers, two aerobic digesters and one sludge storage tank. A new plate press replaced a belt filter press. The plate press influent biosolids solids come in at 2% and the effluent solids go out at 24%. The solids de-watering system was the first used in the Midwest. Plant effluent performance was closely monitored for two years following construction completion. Due to the exceptional plant secondary effluent quality, IDEM allowed for the elimination of the 1970s tertiary sand filters.  The simplified solids management process is still greatly appreciated by the plant operators.

$3 million Construction Cost

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