Catch Basin Inventory – Benton Harbor, MI

Benton Harbor, MI
City of Benton Harbor
Project Details

Abonmarche located and rated all of the city’s 1,675 catch basins.  The data was entered into a GIS system mapping each catch basin and identifying its condition to help city officials visualize the stormwater system and evaluate the need for improvements.  As part of the inventory, Abonmarche created a style guide of castings including dimensions to help city officials reduce the different types of castings needed in inventory to serve as replacements.  With more consistency, the City of Benton Harbor is better equipped to quickly replace castings and reduce the risk of injury from open stormwater structures.  This consistency also makes it more difficult for stolen castings to be sold as scrap.


  • Inventory & Condition Analysis of the City’s Stormwater Catch Basin
  • GIS mapping
  • Style Guide to Better Manage Casting Replacemet Inventory & Deter Theft

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