Blodgett Hospital Site & Parking

East Grand Rapids, MI
Spectrum Heath
Project Details

The historic Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital encompasses a rich legacy in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  From the original 1916 Hospital Building to the cutting edge buildings of today, the services held inside multiple buildings on campus have been at the forefront of health care for decades.

Spectrum Health selected Abonmarche to provide a campus master plan addressing the need for enhanced wayfinding.  The design discovery phase led to the decision to create a main entrance to the south end of campus and a secondary entrance to the north section.  Two additional parking structure solutions accommodate patient and staff throughout the campus.

Special care was given to harmoniously blend the new building and parking structures with local residential neighborhoods and the larger town. Site-specific design elements included using landscaping to enhance and buffer views of the parking garages from the adjacent neighboring residential homes.

Throughout the planning phase, Abonmarche helped facilitate numerous public input sessions and Planning Commission reviews with all relevant stakeholders.


  • Enhanced Wayfinding
  • Multi-phase construction
  • Two new main entrances
  • Accessible parking structures
  • Renewed surface parking
  • Site-specific design elements
  • Public input management




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