Sign Inventory – Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor, MI
City of Benton Harbor
Project Details

Using technology to better manage safety

Road signs are a major public safety priority. Too many signs, non-essential signs, insufficient spacing between signs, and inadequate legibility can lead to accidents and possible injuries.  As a safety measure, the City of Benton Harbor wanted to make sure all of its traffic signs were in good condition and conformed to federal standards.

Abonmarche was asked to help.  Conducting a comprehensive field study, Abonmarche was able to record location, placement, condition, shape, size, color, and a photograph for over 2,300 signs on Benton Harbor’s streets. Important design components, like high visibility by day and night (retro-reflectivity), proper legibility, and uniformity were also recorded.  Sign data was compiled in a Geographic Information System (GIS) database which allows City officials to easily retrieve necessary information and to plan for maintenance and replacement of its traffic signs.

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