Canoe-Kayak Launch – Allegan, Michigan

Allegan, Michigan
Coastal & Waterfront, Hospitality & Recreation
City of Allegan
Project Details

The City of Allegan wished to build a connection between the community’s downtown and the adjacent Kalamazoo River. Abonmarche was tapped to assist the City with developing a fully accessible kayak and canoe launch as part of the community’s riverfront redevelopment initiative.

Abonmarche worked with the City of Allegan to design, fund and build a canoe and kayak focused park that also included a playground, landscaping improvements and parking lot to serve this portion of the central business district. The launch has become a focal point, as residents and City officials explored the benefits of water trails both for residents and visitors. The launch is an accessible floating launch, anchored to the shore area via a hinged gangplank. This allows the launch to adjust to varying water levels related to nearby  hydroelectric facilities.


• Fully accessible canoe and kayak launch
• Improved parking to serve the site and neighboring library
• Kayak storage area for people to pull off river and visit the downtown
• Native landscaping to assisting with stormwater management


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