On The Boards: Spectrum Health Cardiothoracic Surgery & Structural Heart

Spectrum Health Cardiothoracic Surgery & Structural Heart – exam room rendering

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a new project by our architectural team is taking form. Slated to go live mid-March 2022, Spectrum Health Cardiothoracic Surgery & Structural Heart wing will serve heart patients of all kinds across a 12,000 square foot medical office building. Abonmarche provided architectural and interior design services, and partnered with Comprehensive Engineering for the project’s building systems engineering.  

The clinic comprises the main suite for the Spectrum Health Cardiovascular Medicine Team, with offices, clinical exam and procedure rooms, X-ray facilities, and supporting spaces. In addition to ample workstation space, the plan also features a staff lounge and a training room for educational and demonstration needs. A variety of additional spaces and registration area complete the plan for this specialized discipline.
“We’re excited to see this new project for Spectrum Health come to fruition,” noted Arvin Delacruz, Senior Architect & Senior Project Manager at Abonmarche. “Our team has collaborated extensively with the world-class surgeons at Spectrum to create an environment to provide state-of-the-art medical care.

Project Highlights

  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Collaborative open plan workstations
  • Multi-practice collaboration
  • Wayfinding
  • Patient-sensitive materials
  • Exam room pods

On The Boards:RETA Pregnancy Clinic & Family Resource Center

RETA Pregnancy Clinic and Family Resource Center
RETA Pregnancy Clinic and Family Resource Center

With three months of construction to go, the new home for the RETA pregnancy clinic and family resource center, designed by our architectural team, will soon open its doors in downtown Elkhart, Indiana!
When RETA outgrew their facilities in a repurposed Victorian house, Abonmarche, in partnership with DJ Construction, designed a new two-story, 12,500 square foot headquarters to incorporate a restored historic post office building dating back to 1868. While the team had to work through many technical challenges inherent in meeting new construction requirements within a 100-year-old landmark structure, the project site also presented key design opportunities.
Creating an atrium-like space between the old and new construction allowed opportunities for vertical circulation, a central waiting area, and a store for clients. The program includes administrative, clinical, counseling, and social spaces, as well as various technical spaces, including a large bay for a mobile support vehicle. The design also addresses the streetscape environment in downtown Elkhart, provides parking, and accommodates privacy while establishing an attractive presence in the community.
Abonmarche services on this project include: civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, surveying, interior design, and landscape architecture.
Streetscape & site design
Architectural building design
New construction & renovation
Large vehicle bay
Atrium space
Clinical, Counseling & Admin spaces

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