John W. Linn - PE, LEED, Green Assoc.

John W. Linn - PE, LEED, Green Assoc.


John Linn has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from Purdue University.


John is Abonmarche’s Principal and Chairman of the Board, He is responsible for client satisfaction and creative solutions to challenges. As one of the two principal owners of Abonmarche, John oversees all of our Indiana operations. His extensive background in the engineering design and construction field, along with his skills in facilitation, make him indispensable in projects involving inter-organizational cooperation and public/private partnerships.

Community Involvement:

Outside of work, John is involved with the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Consulting Engineers of Indiana, the American Water Works Association, the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, Habitat for Humanity, and he is the director of the local Home Builders Association.

What he wanted to grow up to be:

As a child, John wanted to be an architect.

Contact Info

Phone Number: 574.314.1019
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