Simplify Your Presentations

Simplify Your Presentations

Whether you’re presenting a project idea to a client or to the public at large, it can be difficult to know if the vision that you’re presenting is lining up with what your audience is imagining.

More and more, Abonmarche is seeing requests for project visualizations. When presenting a project, you can explain it in exhaustive detail, but a drawing or rendering can often communicate so much more.

There are a variety of visualization formats, from animations to renderings.

During a recent Abonmarche project, a homeowner worried that a new roadway configuration would direct runoff onto her property.  Although our engineers were confident that no such situation existed, their explanation required the ability to read and interpret contour information. Many homeowners aren’t experienced with this type of information, so it was necessary to find an alternative way of explaining the situation.

Using CAD and Blender, Abonmarche’s CADD technicians were able to generate this video to help visualize storm water runoff in the existing and proposed conditions. Seeing the runoff was an excellent tool to use to reassure the homeowner.

It’s important to note that these visualizations are not meant to have quantitative conclusions drawn from them; instead, they’re meant to illustrate explanations and facilitate discussions.

Depending on client need, our engineers and architects can fully render a project with terrain, interior design aspects such as furniture and lighting, and even figures of people. They can also animate a visual walk-through of the entire project.

However, sometimes this level of detail isn’t necessary. In those cases, we’ll often use Photoshop overlays. Though less sophisticated than a full rendering, Photoshop overlays can nonetheless prove very useful. They can be created quickly and cheaply, making them ideal for smaller projects that require several different visualizations. For example, during a lift station project, nearby property owners expressed concern over their view being affected by the project. Abonmarche was able to provide several images that showed the lift station in its proposed location, along with a variety of different landscaping options to screen the station from view.

Using a variety of visualization options helps create a clear understanding of a project, moving it forward and protecting it from misunderstandings and headaches down the line.


Project Highlight

Photoshop Overlays

The City of South Haven was considering improving a portion of a city parking lot that bordered the structure housing their popular Farm Market.

The City wanted local business owners to see that the back of their buildings didn't just have to be where they parked their cars and housed their dumpsters. Instead, the rear entrances to their builidngs could be attractive and useful features of their business.

Abonmarche created Photoshop overlays showing "before" and "after" views of several businesses included in the project site. The City was then able to illustrate the project idea to the business owners.