Land Surveying / GIS

Overcoming surveying issues related to all types of public infrastructure

Surveying Philosophy

The land surveying professionals at Abonmarche understand how valuable your property is to you and we are committed to providing you with equally valuable surveying services on that property. We strive to continuously update our surveying equipment and procedures in order to keep current with industry standards. We combine modern surveying technology such as survey-grade Global Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment with WiFi enabled data collectors, the latest versions of AutoCAD drafting software, and advanced survey data field collection methods. This integration of state of the art equipment and advanced procedures with a strong professional foundation from a staff of professionally licensed surveyors results in the accurate and timely development of final survey products on which you can rely, no matter the size of your land or the scope of work you need.

Another cutting edge technology Abonmarche can provide is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The GPR system allows us to locate utility lines, foundations and geological features on your site and provides a three-dimensional scan of the areas in question.

GPR can be used in a variety of environments, including rock, soil, ice, pavements and structures to detect objects, changes in materials, voids, and cracks. Even with no records, we can locate, monument and map your facilities for daily use or for an expansion project.


Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team leverages geography to streamline workflows. We put GIS to work solving problems, whether it’s as simple as locating a feature or as complex as driving an asset management system. We coordinate closely with engineering, surveying, and planning staff to produce high quality static maps and spatial analysis for presentations and reports. Our clients benefit from our holistic approach to geodatabase design and data capture. We work with our clients to ensure seamless integration with existing and complementary systems and applications. Our goal is to make you work more efficiently and think spatially.