Ignition Park

Collaboration for total site redevelopment

Abonmarche worked with the City of South Bend Engineering and Community Development Departments along with the site developer, Great Lakes Capital Development, to redevelop an old Studebaker manufacturing site. This project included a sewer separation, road reconstruction and new water main, sidewalk, street lighting and trees on Franklin Street. It also included a new concrete roadway with pervious paver blocks and a subsurface detention bed under the parallel parking lanes. This work further included a master drainage plan for both the City infrastructure and the future development sites.

Abonmarche also provided site planning and site design services for two new 45,000-square-foot light industrial buildings and coordinated the development work and the municipal work between the City officials, developers and contractors.



City of South Bend


South Bend IN

Additional Info

-Studebaker Redevelopment Site

-Contained Contaminated Soils

-Pervious Paver Blocks in Parking Lanes

-Sewer Separation Project


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