Contract #1 - North Shore Drive Reconstruction Project

Contract #1 - North Shore Drive Reconstruction Project


This project involves reconstruction of North Shore Drive, including installation of curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and limited water main work from Dyckman Avenue to Baseline Road.  New sanitary sewer and asphalt pavement will be installed on Dyckman Avenue from North Shore Drive to Park Avenue. In addition, park entrance signs, bike racks, trash receptacles, and landscaping will be installed at the City’s public beach access sites within the project limits.

PROJECT ENGINEER:    Corey A. Kandow, PE, , 269-926-4558



  • Phase I:            Dyckman Avenue from North Shore Drive to Park Avenue
                            Start Date:       September 6, 2016
                            End Date:        Late September, 2016


  • Phase II&III:     North Shore Drive from Dyckman Avenue to Baseline Road
                            Start Date:       Late September, 2016
                            End Date:        June 28, 2017

Project Documents: 

PDF icon Project Title Sheet534.29 KB
PDF icon Project Phasing Plans700.83 KB
PDF icon FAQs181.51 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-07 Project Update1.05 MB
PDF icon 2016-09-14 Project Update1.38 MB
PDF icon 2016-09-21 Project Update1.16 MB
PDF icon Phase 2 Door Notice307.46 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-28 Project Update1.32 MB
PDF icon 2016-09-28 Progress Meeting Minutes419.31 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-05 Project Update1.1 MB
PDF icon 2016-10-05 Progress Meeting Minutes425.24 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-12 Project Update1.34 MB
PDF icon 2016-10-12 Progress Meeting Minutes422.96 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-19 Project Update1.63 MB
PDF icon 2016-10-19 Progress Meeting Minutes422.55 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-26 Project Update1.24 MB
PDF icon 2016-10-26 Progress Meeting Minutes431.99 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-01 Project Update1.29 MB
PDF icon 2016-11-01 Progress Meeting Minutes440.72 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-09 Project Update942.31 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-16 Project Update1.33 MB
PDF icon 2016-11-16 Progress Meeting Minutes433.57 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-22 Project Update1.21 MB
PDF icon 2016-11-23 Progress Meeting Minutes116.42 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-30 Project Update258.4 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-30 Progress Meeting Minutes161.19 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-07 Project Update237.76 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-07 Progress Meeting Minutes170.48 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-14 Project Update178.18 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-15 Progress Meeting Minutes171.03 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-01 Project Update225.8 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-07 Progress Meeting Minutes172.71 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-08 Project Update297.73 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-08 Progress Meeting Minutes173.72 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-15 Project Update167.8 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-15 Project Meeting Minutes176.12 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-22 Project Update313.6 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-29 Project Update1.47 MB
PDF icon 2017-03-29 Progress Meeting Minutes208.82 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-05 Project Update320.03 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-05 Progress Meeeting Minutes176.92 KB
PDF icon 2017 -04-12 Project Update274.5 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-12 Progress Meeting Minutes178.38 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-19 Project Update150.56 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-19 Progress Meeting Minutes178.55 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-26 Project Update264.38 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-26 Progress Meeting Minutes179.55 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-03 Project Update216.49 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-03 Progress Meeting Minutes180.19 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-10 Progress Meeting Minutes179.11 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-17 Project Update235.06 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-17 Progress Meeting Minutes125.4 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-24 Progress Meeting Minutes128 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-31 Project Update250.28 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-31 Progress Meeting Minutes123.87 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-07 Project Update257.41 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-07 Progress Meeting Minutes126.86 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-14 Project Update175.75 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-21 Project Update229.1 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-28 Project Update206.97 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-28 Progress Meeting Minutes124.03 KB