Monroe Boulevard & Indian Grove Lift Station Reconstruction

Monroe Boulevard & Indian Grove Lift Station Reconstruction

The project will include complete reconstruction of the roadway with the addition of curb and gutter, a new sidewalk, construction of a new sanitary sewer on Monroe Boulevard from Chippewa Court to Aylworth Avenue, replacing and upsizing of water main from Clark Place to north of Apache Court for better flow, construction of new storm sewers, new street trees and landscaping, relocation and upgrades to the electric utilities.

PROJECT ENGINEER: Daniel A Dombos II, PE, , 269-926-4549




  • Construction Start Date: On or after September 5, 2016
  • Construction Completion Date: June 30, 2017

Project Documents: 

PDF icon FAQs245.18 KB
PDF icon Construction Schedule499.97 KB
PDF icon 2016-08-19 Pre-Construction meeting minutes313.67 KB
PDF icon Construction Notice - Door Hanger504.81 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-22 Project Update297.68 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-28 Project Update288.86 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-29 Progress Meeting Minutes240.72 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-30 Project Update328.32 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-06 Progress Meeting Minutes319.93 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-07 Project Update332.54 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-12 Project Update315.01 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-13 Progress Meeting Minutes97.78 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-19 Project Update311.79 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-20 Progress Meeting Minutes267.22 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-26 Project Update325.1 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-01 Project Update309.64 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-09 Project Update287.34 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-16 Project Update277.38 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-22 Project Update204.37 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-30 Project Update214.37 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-01 Progress Meeting Minutes243.95 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-07 Project Update214.33 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-08 Progress Meeting Minutes252.66 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-14 Project Update192.73 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-15 Project Update195.19 KB
PDF icon 2017-02-07 Progress Meeting Minutes251.59 KB
PDF icon 2017-02-16 Progress Meeting Minutes248.49 KB
PDF icon 2017-02-23 Progress Meeting Minutes248.59 KB
PDF icon 2017-02-22 Project Update73.84 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-01 Project Update188.23 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-02 Progress Meeting Minutes107.42 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-08 Project Update Memo199.06 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-15 Project update138.13 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-22 Project Update152.39 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-29 Project Update156.83 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-05 Project Update157.11 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-12 Project Update178.64 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-19 Project Update163.53 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-26 Project Update163.3 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-03 Project Update163.23 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-08 Project Update183.83 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-17 Project Update152.73 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-31 Project Update166.38 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-24 Project Update166.09 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-07 Project Update166.34 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-14 Project Update197.61 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-21 Project Update198.26 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-28 Project Update207.59 KB