Contract #3: Black River Street and Dunkley Infrastructure Project

Contract #3: Black River Street and Dunkley Infrastructure Project


This project involves sanitary sewer reconfiguration to serve the new Main Lift Station at the South Haven Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP):

On Black River Street, from Dyckman Avenue to Wells Street, new sanitary sewer will be placed at the roadway centerline, the roadway will be reconstructed (including new curb and gutter) and widened to allow for additional on-street parking, sidewalk will be constructed on the east side of the roadway, and a new lift station will be placed on the west side of the road roughly halfway between North Street and Wells Street. This lift station will have a force main directionally drilled under the Black River and its flow directed to the new Main Lift Station. The existing sanitary sewer currently located at the River’s edge will be removed where possible or abandoned in place. Sanitary services will be rerouted to the new sanitary main within the roadway.

On Dunkley Avenue, sanitary sewer will be installed around the WWTP to the east and the north following the existing fence line to connect the existing sanitary flow from the Wells Street Lift Station which is planned to be abandoned. New sanitary sewer will be installed following the existing roadway alignment to the south to allow flows coming from Dyckman Avenue to be conveyed by gravity rather than pumped by the existing Main Lift Station. The roadway will be reconstructed including curb and gutter improvements, and shoulder upgrades within Black River Park. The parking lot just inside the park will be reconfigured, and water main will be extended from just before the drainage ditch to past the WWTP.

PROJECT ENGINEER: Jason W. Marquardt,, 269-926-4565

ABONMARCHE PROJECT NO: 14-0919/14-0920



Phase I: Construction of sanitary sewer on east side of Black River

  • Start Date:       January 2017
  • End Date:        June 2017


Phase II: Sanitary sewer installation and improvements on Black River Street

  • Start Date:       September 2017
  • End Date:        April 2018


Phase III: Sanitary Lateral connections and cleanup work (outside of the roadway)

  • Start Date:       May 2018
  • End Date:        September 2018

Project Documents: