Gremps/Cedar/Oak and North Street Lift Station Project

Gremps/Cedar/Oak and North Street Lift Station Project


This project will involve the reconstruction of Gremps Street (Michigan Avenue to North Street), North Street (Lift station site to Gremps Street), Cedar Street (Gremps Street to Kalamazoo Street), and Oak Street (Gremps Street to Kalamazoo Street) including sanitary, limited storm sewer reconstruction, water main work, and water services.  The sanitary lift station on North Street (west of Gremps Street) will be replaced.  A directional bored force main will be installed from Hazen Street to the new lift station to the east.  Also as part of this project, water main improvements, and water services will also be installed on Cedar Street from Kalamazoo Street to Brown Street.


PROJECT ENGINEER:     Corey A. Kandow, PE, , 269-926-4558




  • Phase I:      North Street Lift Station & Force Main
                       Start Date:       October, 2016
                       End Date:        April, 2017
  • Phase II:    Gremps Street from Michigan Avenue to North Street
                       Start Date:       April, 2017
                       End Date:        July, 2017
  • Phase IIIa: Cedar & Oak Street from Gremps Street to Kalamazoo Street
                       Start Date:       July, 2017
                       End Date:        August, 2017
  • Phase IIIb: Cedar Street from Kalamazoo Street to Brown Street
                       Start Date:       August, 2017
                       End Date:        September, 2017 



Project Documents: